4 Creative and Innovative Ideas for Your Online Business

Online business is one of the jobs that are quite promising in today’s era where all human activities are crammed with technology.

In contrast to an offline business, as usual, an online business requires sufficient skills to attract the attention of potential consumers in cyberspace.

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok have become a favorite place for entrepreneurs to find potential customers. With so many users from these 3 platforms, it’s definitely a bigger profit opportunity. However, what needs to be observed is how an entrepreneur can promote their products to be purchased by potential customers.

1. Understand the sense of humor of people in your area

As an entrepreneur, you must know what the people who are targeting your product are like. Know what makes them laugh when they see something new and can amaze them with your product content. For example, I have Peri-Peri Chicken products that come from processed Portuguese dishes, so I’m looking for iconic Portuguese ones that maybe people in my area don’t know about. Then explore your ideas as creatively as possible to make your ad video look like it’s not for direct promotion.

2. Identify a Great Place Background for Your Products

A place that can support your creative packaging in photos or videos of your products is very important. A product will be pleasing to the eyes of potential customers if the background is supportive and suitable for juxtaposition with your product. For example, if you have a beauty soap product made from tea leaf extract, then look for a place in the tea plantation as a background for creating your content.

3. Ask Your Humorous Friend to Endorse Your Product

Ask your closest friend what is the most humorous, funny, and ridiculous behavior. Lead them to understand the advantages of your product that can present it with jokes. For example, if you have a negligee product which is women’s clothing, look for your humorous female friend who can explain your product.

4. Customer Testimonials Wrapped in Comedy

Once you’ve found your customers, ask them to create comedy content that can make other people laugh. For example, if you have a culinary product of durian chili fried rice, take the durian side by making a vlog video with your customers for testimonials.