7 Basic Tools Required for the Maintenance of Your Car

With the rate of complaints that car users have these days, one would wonder whether the cars that are made now are of substandard quality.

While a number like to peddle the argument that ‘nothing is as it used to be’ to say that cars are not made as good as they used to be years back, the fact is that maintenance culture has gotten very poor, and it has attributed greatly to the ails that often plague our cars.  Having a good maintenance culture is not limited to taking our cars to the mechanic once every three months or as often as one may prefer. It also is about the care we take in using our cars.

On Collected.Reviews, users share their best online stores to purchase mechanical tools from. You may want to know just what tools it is you should be looking for. Below are seven basic maintenance tools that should be in a car:

Impact Wrench:

An impact wrench is used to loosen lug nuts from cars. It is not uncommon that a situation plays itself where you may have to unscrew a thing or the other to check what it is that needs to be worked on. A standard lug wrench is all you’ll need to remove a tire.


These are used to hold objects firmly for the times you may need that extra grip that your hands will not provide. There are locking pliers, the long-nosed pliers, amongst others. Whichever you are getting, be sure that it has a firm cover for when things get greasy (as they inevitably will).

Screw Drivers:

These are usually sold in sets, and while it will be advised to purchase the whole set, if you would rather not, for auto repairs, the flat tipped and cross tipped screwdriver are the most important.


Just like screwdrivers, spanners usually come in a set, but unlike screwdrivers where you may only need to have two at hand, it is necessary you have the whole set. Spanners are used to provide grip to turn objects. That, or to keep them from turning.

Oil Filter Wrench:

An oil filter wrench is a tool used to remove oil filters or change oil. Before getting any, make sure that it is the right fit for your car. It is also a plus if you can get one with a metal band that wraps itself completely around the filter to avoid spillages.

LED Lights:

This does not have to be a fancy light, but it is necessary that a work light is always left in the car. This would help you avoid opening the wrong places, or putting oil where it should not be.

Tire Pressure Gauge:

Flat tires happen more often than we may like, but having a pressure gauge and inflator will save you from potential accidents.

While it would be advised to know the uses of all of these above, it is understandable that one may not know how to use all of it. This is however not enough reason to not have these tools in your car, because in times of distress, it may be easier to find a mechanic than it is to find the tools for your car.