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Most companies with BSCs in Portugal are headquartered in Europe (76%), mainly in countries such as Germany (21%) and France (18%). Manufacturing and IT are the most highly-represented sectors, followed by professional services. Companies also highlight Portugal’s geographical location and convenient time zone, with a maximum four-hour flight time to the main European cities. Portugal’s proximity to North and South America is also good for centres providing services to Latin America, such as Grunenthal, Solvay and Nestle’s respective BSCs. The companies that we have consulted agree that the main reasons to choose Portugal as a location for a Business Services Centre are a competitive talent pool , and geographical proximity. They also recognise other advantages such as good infrastructure, political stability, labour flexibility, ability to attract people of many nationalities, open culture, and good climate.

The centres also use social media and job search websites, as well as recruitment firms. Teleperformance, for example, attracts foreign talent by reimbursing the initial flight costs and one annual complementary return flight. Due to the boom in the opening and expansion of centres in recent years, some companies recognise that they are already beginning to encounter a lot of competition, and face problems in recruiting. These centres acknowledge that they need to conduct more active searches, mainly for profiles with rare languages or technological roles, especially software engineers (front-end, back-end, and full stack), data scientists, and cyber security specialists.

Other firms choose to strengthen their relationships with the universities by means of physical proximity, locating their offices at sites such as UPTEC, the Science and Technology Park established on the campus of the University of Porto. Following this trend, the Nova School of Science and Technology and several private investors have joined together to create the Innovation District in Lisbon. The €800 million project will expand the current campus, and incorporate companies to create several innovation and science clusters. Which applications and components in your organisation you need to include in the https://www.yardbarberusa.com/, such as ticketing systems and CRM systems. The first step in creating a new business service is identifying the underlying service components in the organisation, their characteristics and network hierarchy. Once you have done this you can create a suitable design, taking into account the business goals, with an appropriate service topology.

They are able to hire highly qualified talent at lower costs compared to other European countries. The average monthly base salary in Portugal was €1,314 in 2020 (INE – National Statistical Institute). The average hourly labour cost was €15.70, ranking 15th among the 28 countries of the EU, where the average labour cost was €28.70 . This report indicates that most of the existing SSCs are multifunctional, performing two or more functions in the organisation.

The https://www.wikipedia.org/s Organisation has been established to provide a broad range of regional business support functions and specialist professional services to the health and social care sector in Northern Ireland. Passionate about improving customer experience and implementing digital technology, Lee has a track record of modernising processes, accelerating commerce and delivering significant financial growth. He has a BSc in Political Economy and sits on the Board of Trustees at The University of Salford. With a passion for understanding more about our customers and the customer journey, Dan continually evaluates the market to ensure we provide services and information that support our customers’ growth.

The EY European Investment Monitor 2021 ranks Portugal in its Top 10 countries, with the highest number of FDI projects in Europe – 154 last year. The report also highlights that Portugal is the 6th largest destination for software and IT services, which represents more than a third of the total number of projects. The latest openings include technology companies such as the German companies Teamviewer and NFON, which opened two R&D hubs in Porto this year. Moreover, Finastra, one of the largest FinTech companies in the world, has recently landed in Portugal to open its Digital Sales Hub in Lisbon.

Outside of the office, Helen enjoys family life with her husband and two young children. She loves to spend as much time as possible with family and friends, with great food and travelling to new places. Parent surveys, such as those run by BVA BDRC, can inform a school in what areas they are satisfying parents, but what really drives recommendation are the more memorable experiences parents have with schools.

Business case development and support -Demonstrate the value of your service to wider audiences. We can provide support in developing compelling and accurate business cases that can help to define the future of your service offerings. A holistic view is essential for business analysis, considering aspects such as the people, processes, information and technology. It’s considered desirable for the business analyst to act objectively—after all, how can they give impartial advice if they are too close to the business area? Our business service charter sets out our commitment to a professional business service for all our clients. Paying your staff and making statutory returns – We calculate and process monthly pay into employees bank accounts and give you the information you need to make payments to third party organisations, such as Pensions.

When she’s not building high-performing teams and delivering fantastic results at work, Georgina enjoys long walks with her dogs in the Cheshire countryside. Hotel guests are focusing more on customer experience when they consider their stays and the sector has been responding. BVA BDRC has joined the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, reinforcing its commitment to a low-impact future and using its skills to help the sector work on a cohesive response to the challenge posed by the climate crisis.

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