Business Intelligence Strategy 2018

Outside of timetabled sessions, you’ll need to dedicate time to self-study to complete coursework, and prepare for presentations and exams. Our Stockwell Street library and online resources will support your further reading and research. In a typical week, learning takes place through a combination of lectures, tutorials and practical work in the labs. You’ll be able to discuss and develop your understanding of topics covered in lectures in smaller group sessions, and apply this knowledge in practice in the specialised computer laboratories. Given the current situation with Covid-19, we are offering virtual events so that you can still experience how Greenwich could be the right university for you.

SAS sets itself apart from the crowd with a self-service tool that allows companies to make the most of data and metrics for informed decision making. Using APIs, you can also customise your business intelligence system with a wide range of options. Business intelligence technologies can be used with both external and internal data sources. In an external environment, they’re used for the collection of information on things like market trends and competitive intelligence. In the internal environment, BI offers an overview of customer and industry pain points, key stakeholder requirements and lost opportunities. BI programs can also incorporate advanced forms of analytics, such as data mining, predictive analytics, text mining, statistical analysis, and big data analysis.

They no longer need to rely on IT or dedicated data analysts to prepare custom reports. It’s quite evident that we currently live in a time where there is a constant influx of information. Data continuously flows from a plethora of internal and external channels including computer systems, networks, social media, mobile phones etc., and is growing at a rapid pace. Leveraging data is no longer just a competitive advantage for businesses – it’sessential for survival. Companies are increasingly trying to harness these massive amounts of data to eitherreduce operational costs or boost revenueor both. This course explores the application and development of techniques used by enterprises for the analysis of business information.

If you’re selling to another business, you can also see which stakeholders you have the highest success rates with. Customer interaction analytics are crucial to initiatives in many contact centres. As customer experience becomes the most important differentiator for all brands, interaction analytics can be used to monitor calls and digital conversations. Business intelligence systems in the contact centre can show which performers are the most effective at handling calls. It’s also possible to see which speech patterns and strategies are required to allow for better customer experiences.

HESA, the not-for-profit sector-owned agency with responsibility for collecting and disseminating HE statistics, developed heidi in collaboration with the University of Leeds and the British Universities Finance Directors Group . The initial project received financial backing from HEFCE’s Leadership, Governance and Management fund to the tune of £322k, the largest grant ever made from the fund. Heidi now contains data from sources including HESA, UCAS, the Training and Development Agency for Schools, the National Student Survey and Estates Management Statistics. Expert speakers will discuss key issues you should be aware of and offer practical solutions and resources for exporting.

HESA and Jisc have developed an agreement with both The Guardian and The Times/Sunday Times to publish interactive dashboards of rankings and measures drawn from their higher education league tables. Join Tony Danker, CBI Director General and a small group of senior Northern Ireland business leaders at this exclusive roundtable breakfast. Repetitive manual work in Microsoft Excel combining data in order to create management information is no longer needed. Watch this video to see how we used Microsoft Power BI to make data held within a csv accessible, engaging and easy to interrogate. Find out how HR and SEO services firm played a central role in the successful rebranding and relaunch of The Children’s Mutual. The PMS Forecast PMS shows a summary of monthly PMS production data divided by market segment, comparable to the same date or final balance, with respect to the previous year or the budget.

Recently enhanced solutions for artificial intelligence and machine learning are making it easier for companies to keep the cost of oil low too. Today’s business leaders know that data is a valuable asset that needs to be used effectively to ensure efficient company processes. They require powerful data analysis tools to help them in the decision-making process. Businesses are embracing sophisticated analytics and data science to gain insights and make more informed decisions, the result; turning your BI department into a profit center. Augmented Analytics helps relieve an organization’s dependence on data scientists or other manual processes by automating the insight generation processwith the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. With an augmented analytics system you can automatically go through your company’s data, clean it, analyze it, and convert data into actionable insights for decision-makers with little to no supervision from a technical expert.