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This reference work provides summaries of social security systems in individual countries which can be viewed in HTML or PDF. Broad headings include old age, disability and survivors, sickness and maternity, work injury, unemployment and family allowances. Sub-categories within these sections provide information on legislation, coverage, source of funds, qualifying conditions and benefit rates.

The individual has the option to accept the administrative penalty and a period of 14 days to reconsider their decision. In the event of the individual declining to agree to pay an Ad-Pen, criminal proceedings should be brought unless exceptional circumstances apply, for example, the person’s health deteriorates dramatically before proceedings can be instigated. In a Section 112 offence the evidence is sufficient as soon as the investigator establishes that, for the purpose of obtaining benefit for himself or another, the defendant made a statement or representation which he knew to be false. The evidence … Read More

And if your business is successful, the income it generates could be more than enough to offset the future reduction in benefits. Your Social Security benefits stop paying at your death, so if you die prior to collecting benefits, you’ll have missed out on benefits entirely. You need to figure out how to maximize your Social Security income, instead.

To ensure you, or your client, understand what is required, a series of useful guides and bulletins are available via this page. The Department is determined to continue in its efforts to root out fraudsters and take back the money they have stolen from our benefit system and, where it is appropriate, will continue to prosecute benefit thieves through the courts. Collaboration and Public Services Improvement Governments across the world have adopted collaborative approaches to managing public services in a bid to tackle wicked issues, improve services and contain costs.… Read More

NICs are automatically deducted from the wages of workers or are calculated from self-assessment tax returns submitted by the self-employed. A four volume series covering social security systems in Europe, Asia and the Pacific, Africa, and the Americas produced by the U.S. and the International Social Security Association and made freely available on the SSA Website.

If the JSA claimant is working they are not permitted to work for more than 16 hours or more each week. If they are claiming for a partner the partner must not work more than 24 hours or more each week. Any decision to advise NHS investigators to offer a caution must be approved before it is communicated to the NHSCFA or to the defence. If the offer of a caution is declined by the defendant the prosecutor should reconsider prosecution in line with guidance and the Code.

Citizens Advice Scotland welcomes … Read More

The use, distribution or reproduction in other forums is permitted, provided the original author and the copyright owner are credited and that the original publication in this journal is cited, in accordance with accepted academic practice. No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms. Although the SSN has been one of the most important numbering systems in the United States [e.g., Puckett ; Puckett ], its historical changes in prevalence had not been sufficiently examined. The basic information that the present article provides leads to a better understanding of the health policies and situations in the United States, contributing to medical and social science research. In 1952, the rate was over 99% (99.14%), and after that, the rates were almost 100%3.

At the start of any interview under caution, however, interviewees should be asked whether they wish to consult with a solicitor prior to … Read More

An annual payment for 16, 17 and 18 year olds who give care to someone else. An extra payment for carers in Scotland who already get Carer’s Allowance on a particular date. Cash payments to help with some of the costs of having children and a payment card for food. Support if you have a disability or long-term health condition that affects your everyday life. Social Security Scotland is an Executive Agency of the Scottish Government. It’s responsible for managing the benefits that are devolved to Scotland, to make sure the people who need them get them correctly and fairly.

The defendant dishonestly caused or allowed to fail to promptly notify the change in the prescribed manner to the prescribed person. It provides the court with adequate powers to impose other ancillary orders, bearing in mind that these can be made with some offences but not with others. Cheating the … Read More

The guarantee credit element is paid to people who have reached the qualifying age, satisfy the “habitual residence test” and have no income or their income is below the appropriate minimum guarantee. A person has to satisfy the national insurance contribution conditions to be paid IB unless they have become incapable of work in youth. Housing Benefit is paid to people on low income and who are liable to pay rent to a public or private landlord. Given the range of out of court disposals already considered before a case is referred to the CPS to consider prosecution, prosecutors will consider advising that a caution is an appropriate disposal only in exceptional circumstances. Where there is no constable present at the interview, free legal advice is not automatically available.

The Surveillance Commissioner has confirmed that this continues to apply after November 2012 when Section 38 of the Protection of … Read More

Other circumstances where this exception will apply are likely to be rare and case specific; the court will rely on the submissions of the parties to identify relevant cases. Section 111 of the SSAA 1992 is also a summary only offence sometimes used where a person, required to provide information under Section 109A of the SSAA 1992, refuses to do so following a request for information by an Authorised Officer. Knowledge is actual knowledge, which can be inferred from the defendant’s actions or words. Where the LA officer is acting as part of a joint investigation, with DWP leading that investigation a judicial authority would not appear necessary. Where, however, the LA conducts or leads the investigation , any authorisation for directed surveillance has to be approved by order of the judicial authority under Section 32A of the RIPA 2000. Where DWP, HMRC and LA investigators are carrying out … Read More

Many LAs follow the DWP’s enforcement policy but they are not bound by it. LA officers acting as service providers for the Secretary of State and authorised under Section109A of the SSAA 1992 in SFIS pilots apply the DWP enforcement policy. The detection, prevention and punishment of benefit fraud is central to Government policy in tackling welfare payment fraud.

Evidence of hours/pay exceeding this self-imposed limit will often rebut this point, so will evidence demonstrating what was explained to the claimant. The courts can, however, take the notional calculation into account for the purpose of mitigation. In the former, Mr Justice Forbes stated, “There was the question of the Tax Credits to which she was entitled. We agree with Mr Cooke’s submission that the judge appears to have treated that consideration as irrelevant. In our judgment, it was a relevant consideration for the purposes of mitigation”.

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I needed to find out if a person has been on SSI disability for about 7 years or so guessing, 48 years old. She has medicade which is fine except for a few things Medicade don’t cover which is eye exam and glasses, for adults, hearing, or dentures. I heard some people talking about Medicare advantage plan, but it’s got to be I believe a certain kind of disability!

Therefore, as well as establishing those matters necessary under section 112 it is also necessary to prove that the particular falsehood contained in the document or information is material, i.e. “material to the entitlement of the claimant to benefit”. The SSAA 1992 does not allow the DWP to delegate the function of determining the sufficiency of evidence date or issuing Section 116 SSAA certificates in respect of DWP benefit offences to LA officers. This applies in all cases where an LA … Read More

Prosecutors should request from DWP details of the amount of any benefit repaid by the defendant shortly before the requisition is issued. However, partial or total repayment will not of itself lead to a review of the decision to prosecute, although it can be used in mitigation by the defence. If the offer of a caution or an administrative penalty is declined by the defendant the prosecutor should reconsider prosecution in line with CPS guidance and the Code. Local Authority officers participating in and investigating as part of the SFIS pilots will be expected to apply DWP policy on simple cautions.

For example, a surviving spouse can receive between 71.5% and 100% of your benefit amount, depending on the surviving spouse’s age. A disabled child can receive 75% of your benefits each month even after you’re gone. You might think that waiting for bigger benefits is better, but that’s not … Read More