International Business Management Msc 2022

You will learn to evaluate and critically understand concepts such as transnationality, globalisation and cosmopolitanism, and understand their relevance for marketing practice and scholarship. In a world that is rapidly globalising, future managers need to be competent in the latest international business models as well as in cross-cultural literacy. The MSc International Business programme provides you with the latest understanding of the world of international business in a rapidly globalising world. Focusing on both the theory and application of international business, you develop academic and employability skills.

They will examine the usefulness of financial statement information, by looking at the form and content of accounts produced by partnerships and public limited companies. Students will explore how to account for basic transactions through the implementation of current accounting standards and apply their knowledge in both the manual and the computerised environment, the latter through the SAGE accounting package. It develops more complex problem-solving techniques in the planning, control and decision-making process. It shows how quantitative methods and analytical techniques can be applied in management accounting solutions to management problems. It also emphasises the diverse industrial, commercial and not-for-profit settings in which management accountants work. It seeks to develop in students an understanding the organisational context as well as the nature of management accounting information.

The strong research culture of the School of Management faculty informs the teaching and learning of our students. These are in addition to the wide range of student support offered by the University of Bradford at the City Campus. Our graduates are highly sought after for careers in management, consultancy or advanced management studies. Developing a portfolio of Continuing Professional Development Certificates will demonstrate to employers that you are not only ambitious but also take responsibility for your own professional development. Discussing options with specialist advisers helps to clarify plans through exploring options and refining skills of job-hunting. In most of our programmes, there is direct input by Career Development Advisers into the curriculum or through specially arranged workshops.

Detailed advice on applying for an undergraduate degree is available in the FAQs section below. Developing an understanding of areas such as managing people, operations, logistics, marketing and finance, you will also learn about what businesses need to do to operate ethically and effectively in a culturally diverse environment. Spend a semester studying abroad developing your cross-cultural skills and confidence to operate internationally. For all courses we also accept a wide range of other qualifications and experience. As a student, you will have be supported not just by those that teach you, but also by the wide range of staff who will be with you throughout your studies.

You can choose from Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Business English. This module is designed to broaden your education, enhance your CV and give you those extra attributes employers are looking for. You’ll gain valuable life skills such as the ability to communicate across cultural and linguistic boundaries, as well as developing resilience and self-awareness. In an increasingly interconnected world, knowledge of a foreign language can help to facilitate transactions and provide skills which are crucial for success in a multicultural environment. Cultural sensitivity and intelligence will enable you to have more rewarding social interactions with people who have a different identity from your own and increase your career prospects. Private Equity and Venture Capital Venture Capital and Private Equity seem opaque with complicated legal structures and a particularly alienating jargon.

The aim of this module is to introduce students to the principles and practice of Knowledge, Data and Information systems within organisations and enable them to gain a theoretical understanding of e-business in various organisational domains. To provide background knowledge needed in several second year modules, for example in the areas of economics, finance, marketing. By covering the key management disciplines from a global perspective, you will be equipped for a successful career in a wide range of business and management roles in any sector of your choosing, and from any geographical location.

Candidates with a First Class or high Upper Second Class, four-year Bachelors degree in an Arts or Science subject, or a four-year Bachelors degree in a professional subject, will be considered for entry to postgraduate Masters degrees. Holders of a Bachelors degree from a recognised Malaysian institution (usually achieved with the equivalent of a second class upper or a grade point average minimum of 3.0) will be considered for postgraduate study at Diploma or Masters level. Holders of a Bachelors degree may be considered for entry to a postgraduate degree programme. Holders of a good Masters degree from a recognised university will be considered for entry to postgraduate research programmes.

Alongside the core international business modules, you will study cross-cultural management, managing people in general and organisations. Management skills are required in most business roles, whether you are already managing teams, resources, projects or whether you aspire to be a manager. For students taking the SlovakianMatura (Vysvedčenie o maturitnej skúške), typical offers range from2.00to1.00average from best 4 subjects with specific subject marks required for some courses. For students taking the newMatura typical offers are based on average achievement from3 extended level examsand offers normally range from75%-85%. Where courses require specific subjects, these should be taken as extended level exams and we would normally look for marks between75%and90%. Students taking the Greek Apolyterion are normally required to also take the Panhellenic Exams.

This will be taught across a wide range of modules, including areas such as strategy, international trade, human resource management practises, management practises/principles, international marketing, and much more. The programmes provides a broadly-based education in International Business through a four year programme. Students will take part in specialist courses in International Business can specialise in at least one of the following; economics, real estate, accounting, finance and business management. The programmes are designed to develop the international business leaders of the future. This module is designed to develop an appreciation of the special requirements for successfully conducting international marketing activities by concentrating on the market-oriented approach to doing international business.

For international students, we may increase fees for each subsequent year of study but such increases will be no more than 5% above inflation. Applications from candidates who can demonstrate considerable experience at an appropriate professional level but who do not have formal academic entry qualifications may also be admitted on an individual basis. You are also have the opportunity to learn direct from international business leaders from across the world, who are invited as guest lecturers on modules to share their knowledge and experience, usually via video calls . Furthermore, the international experience of the course team means you will have the opportunity to benefit from the experience of lecturers, who currently have experience in business operations in a number of markets around the globe. Whilst we would like to give you all the information about our part-time offering here, it is tailored for each course each year depending on the number of part-time applicants. You can make an enquiry about part-time study using our online forms, for UK and for EU/International students.