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Consumers will have more trust in their experience if they have firsthand contact with the product and can refer to it on their phone or computer screen. Furthermore, besides promising developments, the Internet and e-commerce today pose several security threats, making customers uneasy about the brand’s quality and services. In general, the e-commerce industry has a long history of intense rivalry. Unlike the conventional business model, an online business owner competes with others in their local marketplaces and rivals worldwide. The South Korean medical device market accounts for 1.3% of global market share. The market was worth around £2.3 billion in 2012 with an annual growth rate of around 7%.

South Korea has a wide array of strengths but most notably in building materials, hardware for wind power and ICT components for smart grids. But, this also means huge cultural changes are needed, and entrepreneurs can find opportunities for giving additional training, support and services to businesses learning to adapt. Cybersecurity training will surge up the agenda, and there will be a huge need for businesses to tighten their data protection standards as workers continue to adjust to the remote lifestyle. When workers aren’t remote, the office itself will need to evolve, leading to fantastic opportunities for workplace design consultancies. Even more excitingly, virtual reality and augmented reality training and product development will become hugely important as forward-facing businesses adapt to the metaverse.

There is a growing demand for drugs to treat lifestyle related diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. Korean companies are looking for overseas technology and experience which they can license in and further develop. The clinical trials are becoming more commonplace locally but there is high demand for international partnerships to conform to global standards.

However, the growth scenario will likely change over the medium term because of South Korea’s rapidly aging population. This creates ongoing demand for after-retirement protection products as well as health insurance products, including accident and illness as well as medical expense coverage. Financial and legal services – Korea has a highly developed and profitable financial services sector including the second largest insurance market and third largest banking market in Asia. The EU-South Korea FTA has removed some key barriers to the profitability of UK banks in the country and gradually, allows UK law firms access to the South Korean market.

Franchise parent companies usually provide ongoing support, helping you maximise the potential of your business opportunity. Parent companies are experts with years of experience in their specialised field, and that specialism gets handed down to you. Develop your skills in designing a business model to take full advantage of opportunities. Learn how to analyse existing business models and understand the principles to generate business model innovation, leading to real value generation.

Why do you want to start bidding on government contracts for maintenance? Many of these maintenance contracts run on a multi-year basis, which means stable long-term work for your business. Business planning is often used to secure funding, but plenty of business owners find writing a plan valuable, even if they never work with an investor. That’s why we put together a free business plan template to help you get started. Planned business expansion is an obvious indicator of a business’ current success. Among those who sell both B2B and B2C, 24% reported they planned to expand their business into new product areas in the near future.