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Prior to the pandemic, a Gartner survey saw 45% of respondents say they are prepared to put mission-critical BI apps into the cloud. In its Magic Quadrant reports, it comments on the extent of the transformation, pointing out how techniques reserved for the IT personnel have gradually been discarded. However, in recent years, business intelligence has once again become part of the business repertoire.

Our seven-step approach has already helped clients across a range of sectors to gain new insights from their data, including insurers, wholesalers and manufacturers. The BI dashboard provides real-time information for a machine operator about the performance of the machine, against pre-defined acceptable standards. These standards could include acceptable levels of throughput, reject rate and downtime.

Last week our Chief Executive Paul Clark spent three days in Albania discussing reform of their higher education sector and advising the government on implementing a new data-driven system. Neil … Read More