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Endgame gets the best showdown , but a baggier middle and weaker last gut-punch puts it just behind Part 1. Less of a superhero movie and more of an old-school Disney fairytale, Marvel’s first Asian-led outing has some of the franchise’s best action scenes. Partly because the special effects are so slick (dragons!), partly because they were edited to let you actually see what was going on (the bus fight!), but mostly because Awkwafina was in them. Is this really a Captain America movie or just Avengers 2.5?

Fresh from web-slinging through Civil War, Tom Holland, the MCU’s Peter Parker, gets his own movie. Everyone’s favourite friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, hellbent on becoming an Avenger, learns balancing heroism with being a decent student isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Speaking of frivolous, William Hurt’s Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross reappearing later is just about all that still ties this to the MCU … Read More