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A memorable Christmas yeast bread with aromatic cardamom and colourful dried fruit filling. It makes a lovely centre piece for the festive table. This supper has it all, tonnes of tasty veg, meaty sausages and a crisp golden topping tempting everyone to tuck in.

The poet Ovid, writing of Roman religious festivals, tells us some tantalising details. He talks of a libum infused with clear honey – and he traces the origin of these cakes all the way back to mythology, and to the discovery of honey by the god Bacchus. If we take the recipe at face value, it may include fifty cloves of garlic, a pretty potent mixture!

  • No reheat times either and references to American cuts of meat which I then have to google to translate.
  • The chorizo and jars of ready roasted peppers can be kept in the cupboard so this dish is easy on your
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