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Where courses require achievement in GCSE Maths, we would normally look for a score of ‘3’ or higher incoreMaths. Students taking the Baccalauréat Technologique will be considered for first year entry on a case by case basis where subjects studied are relevant to the university course applied for. For Engineering and Science courses, we would expect students to have studiedLai Matemaatika. Our dedicated placements team is notified of vacancies and opportunities throughout the academic year, and provide support with the application process to help you secure a suitable placement. The majority of undergraduate degree programmes within the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering provide students with the opportunity to undertake a salaried placement year.

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We also accept International Foundation Years offered by other UK colleges and universities on a case-by-case basis. See the ‘Combinations of qualifications’ section for information about combinations of A level and BTEC qualifications that … Read More

In doing so, you will develop an in-depth knowledge of data mining methods and gain practical experience of using the data mining software, SAS Enterprise Miner. Today, virtually every industry in the current market is going through a state of digital transformation. The most valuable and successful BI systems have the ability to access data from across the enterprise to present information to all lines of business in a meaningful https://www.wikipedia.org/ way to improve decision-making. As organisations continue to advance through digital transformation, they’re handling and processing more data than ever before. Grindrod, a world-class freight logistics company, has improved productivity with an embedded BI application. Tableau was implemented within their terminal operations to aggregate data from various mechanical and human interface sources across the company.

Enterprises are already enjoying the benefits of the cloud for their file storage and communication requirements. It only makes sense to take advantage of … Read More

With some certification to back up your services, it’s a matter of marketing your service packages to an audience interested in getting fit from home. As we just discussed, one of the biggest downsides of running a service-based business is that you’re paid strictly for your time, skills, and effort. Emily Newman of If I Made productized her classes into digital courses, packaging the recordings from her live sessions and selling them at a lower rate.

That day can be spent earning money or with family/friends or enjoying leisure time. To be successful, you need a viable business idea, bags of drive and sufficient funds. If you’re keen to be your own boss and find the best home business for you, but aren’t sure about the direction to head in, you could consider franchising. https://www.wikipedia.org/ Buying a franchise requires an up-front investment that buys you a tried and tested business … Read More