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With the additional opportunity to visit the Dead Sea, this is a fantastic school trip to inspire your students. It all started back in 2015, when our founder Soumaya Hamdi embarked on a road trip through South-East Asia . With husband and reluctant baby in town, the young family explored up and down the region, searching for the best in authentic halal food and Muslim-friendly travel experiences.

If they refuse to do so, it is under penalty of being regarded as communists, a very serious crime! All of these religions are practiced in a unique blend of ancestral and present-day beliefs. This religious syncretism explains the uniqueness of ritual practices in the whole of the archipelago. Access to travel for religious worship or pilgrimage is important.

It is time to call on the President to stop abusing his power, to uphold the US’s commitments to the world’s most vulnerable refugees … Read More

Reaching out to vendors can be as simple as sending a quick message via an online channel. But if they’re a sought-after supplier, you might need to design a business pitch to get them on side. Location – as a small business, you’ll likely want to find a local supplier that can show expertise in your area. Of course, you need to be savvy and stay on budget, so take a look around and do your research to make sure that you’re getting the most suitable products at the best prices. Either market research or your own experiences can tell you what equipment you’ll need.

What do you expect to spend and sell, if you expect to sell anything at all? (If so, it’s probably a bad idea.) Can you scale back your start-up costs to manage your risk? Start-ups are meant to be new and innovative, but that doesn’t … Read More