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And we’ve also helped almost 5000 individuals to develop their skills to make them more effective in their role. Richard started out at Samsung, and also spent time at https://www.wikipedia.org/ Heinz and SSL international . He spent many of the previous 20 years on high value business and technology change around the globe with all the stamps to prove it.

Piotr saw joining Verastar in 2013 as an exciting opportunity to help grow a business which was unique in its potential to help SMEs. Since joining, Piotr has helped the business develop both in sheer size and number https://www.yardbarberusa.com/ of customers but also in the level of our internal capabilities and customer propositions. As part of this growth, Piotr and the team have been responsible for completing and integrating 12 acquisitions.

Nonetheless, a few organisations prefer to bring over people from abroad to fill these positions. Companies such as Bosch, … Read More