Business Strategies to Compete in the Normal Era

Business Strategies to Compete in the Normal Era. Business in the new normal era will be different and indeed becomes a challenge for all business sector owners so that they can survive amid sudden changes in people’s behavior.

Learning from The Great Depression to overcome these challenges, businesses need to question, reassess, and redefine their strategies and goals. Before knowing the strategy, we must first know the problems faced by business people to find an appropriate strategy.

Impact of the Pandemic

Business Strategies to Compete in the Normal Era. All companies and businesses have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, regardless of the strength and type of industry. With the entire business sector almost at a standstill, all the industries that depend on it are also suffering a lot. The effects of this corona pandemic are being felt everywhere and are no exception.

Changes in Consumer Behavior

The first is changing consumer behavior. In this new normal era, the purchasing power and confidence of buyers when they want to buy an item is decreasing. Today’s buyers will put their wants aside and will prioritize needs. This rapidly changing consumer behavior makes them less important in buying unnecessary things and reduces the activity of buying and selling tertiary needs, such as new cell phones and tourism. They will be more concerned with their needs. In this pandemic era, there are so many incidents that make consumers around the world to change their behavior in an instant.

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Digital Transformation

Now since the coronavirus pandemic, online consumers are not only the millennial generation. At first, it was the millennial generation that dominated the online market. Online shopping also certainly makes everyone switch to online transactions. Apart from buying and selling activities, teaching, and learning activities have now shifted to digital. Due to this era, schools have not been able to operate as usual, so teaching and learning activities must be virtual. Almost all schools now apply this to their teaching and learning activities so that students can still gain knowledge without having to meet face to face at school.

6 Strategies for Facing New Normal

Relevant Innovation

The first point of the keyword is relevance. Indeed, in the new era, there will definitely be a need for massive innovation and overhaul, but many of the innovations that are being carried out are even diverted.

Optimizing Online Systems

The effects of social distancing and the narrowing of the buying and selling space between sellers and buyers in offline stores make this online system a powerful way to survive in the midst of a pandemic.

Make use of digital marketing

Digital marketing is indeed something that cannot be separated. So, one strategy for dealing with the new normal is to try to take advantage of digital marketing to promote your business.


Still related to the two points above, the collaboration between the brands you have and influencers can expand the targeted promotion network.

Build Relationships with Customers

During a pandemic even during the new normal era, human activities will not be as rich as they used to be. People will still stay at home to avoid the risk of contracting the coronavirus.

Risk management

In addition to all the things done above, businesses still have to carry out risk management to formulate which strategies are suitable for the company to which strategies face potential losses so that the company can stop using that strategy and think of other alternatives.